lost and found: 23 boards

Another book i lost in my super messy personal world: 23 BOARDS. This was a great project Michal Burda from TRIBO tattoo did a few years ago. 23 skateboards painted/scratched/illustrated by 23 different artists+ a book+ an exhibition+ a public sale in Prag, Czehc Republic...All the sales has been given to a charity organisation....I did this board with my 4 children: Aïna, Samuel, Naïs and Lael...A real FAHY project! ahahahha!

Lost and found : MLADÁ FRONTA Magazine. Czech Republic

Once upon a time I was in pizzeria in Prag. I was alone and i hate to eat alone in a restaurant. Its just annoying..Well, whatever, so i took the first magazine near me to try to understand a few words while i was waiting for my super cheesy and heavy pizza and my liter of beer...And, oh! surprise! there was an article about the tattoo scene and some pictures of my work on my good friend Michal of TRIBO tattoo...And there were some words about my work on a very very positive way!!!! wow!!! cool!

Lost and found : ČILI CHILI Magazine. Czech Republic

Another magazine under another pile of stuffs in my house...ČILI CHILI Magazine from Czech republic... This magazine is a free magazine that you can find absolutely EVERYWHERE in Czech Republic: train stations, bus stations, bars etc...
It means that in a minute everybody has known my work in this country...Since that time im coming more regularly to Prag...
thank you to Michal Burda!)...

Lost and found : TETOVANI magazin. Czech Republic.

Another magazine under another pile of stuffs in my house...TETOVANI MAGAZIN from Czech Republic... They did a cool interview some time ago...

lost and found : TATTOO magazine. USA

Another magazine under another pile of stuffs in my house...TATTOO MAGAZINE from America...ah!ah!

lost and found : TATOUAGES ORIGINAUX magazine.

Another magazine under another pile of stuffs in my house...TATOUAGES ORIGINAUX MAGAZINE issue number 1...yeah!


Lost and found

Oh!!!! I found that magazine under a pile of other magazines in my office that, one more time, i completely forgot!!!!
The chief redactor of STUFF magazine contacted me for featuring in one of his issue. As this Czech magazine is focused on the new technologies, hi-fi, digital works blah blah blah he didnt want to show my work as a tattooist... He knew very well the things i was doing, but he ordered me 9 photographies for one article. I really enjoyed the idea even if, as you could notice it for a long time, i m not a good photographer. BUT i love that, i love the compositions, colours and all the rest...So the first one on the top left was taken around my house (another place in this time, as the new house is my 18th!),and the 7 others were taken in Vorarlberg, in the Austrian mountains, one of my favourite place in the world...i miss you Austria!!!!!!!! Heidi wait for me!!!! And the last one is my son Samuel that was 7 years old i think...And sorry but i cant translate you any comments under the pictures! as the Czech language is UNFORTUNATELY too obscure to me...All my apologizes to all the Czech people as i love sooooo much their country, their language, their culture!



"Have you tattooed any celebrities?"

-Yes. I've tattooed some politicians, hip-hop celebrities, porn stars and some more amazing anonymous people!!!!!!

A good friend of me brang me from New York the first issue of a cool great new tattoo magazine called FRESHLY INKED.
I forgot this publication as they contacted me a long time ago while they were starting their project..So here is the result: an interview and lots of tattoos published: 6 pages showing my work in this magazine that is available all around USA !!!
thank you to them! i will come soon to you all!!!!


Silvia's blog

Silvia drove a long way from Wien, Austria for getting tattooed by me at the last minute...Today she sent me a link to her own personal blog telling the story...She s a worldwide renowned photographer and you can see some of her other experiences on that blog...And the funny thing is she didnt put a picture of the tattoo i did. Let's keep the secret!..



I received the last issue of TATTOO EXTREME magazine from TAIWAN...They did probably the best job for an article i've ever had since i started!!! They really looked for my work, searched on my blog, on my website, in my books to present my own world...i was invited to feature as "artist of the month" in this magazine that is spread all over China and Taiwan... I would really like to thank them for the high quality of their publication!!!!! a must!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!