Lost and found

Oh!!!! I found that magazine under a pile of other magazines in my office that, one more time, i completely forgot!!!!
The chief redactor of STUFF magazine contacted me for featuring in one of his issue. As this Czech magazine is focused on the new technologies, hi-fi, digital works blah blah blah he didnt want to show my work as a tattooist... He knew very well the things i was doing, but he ordered me 9 photographies for one article. I really enjoyed the idea even if, as you could notice it for a long time, i m not a good photographer. BUT i love that, i love the compositions, colours and all the rest...So the first one on the top left was taken around my house (another place in this time, as the new house is my 18th!),and the 7 others were taken in Vorarlberg, in the Austrian mountains, one of my favourite place in the world...i miss you Austria!!!!!!!! Heidi wait for me!!!! And the last one is my son Samuel that was 7 years old i think...And sorry but i cant translate you any comments under the pictures! as the Czech language is UNFORTUNATELY too obscure to me...All my apologizes to all the Czech people as i love sooooo much their country, their language, their culture!

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  1. You shouldn't be so humble - I actually think you ARE a skilled photographer. It's very clear that you have your own vision of things and your photos are always of great composition. But yeah, as for the captions, I can't read anything either lol But, I have a freind in Prague, so if she has the time maybe I can ask her for translations haha AND, I think it's awesome that they asked you to do something else, something different.