"Have you tattooed any celebrities?"

-Yes. I've tattooed some politicians, hip-hop celebrities, porn stars and some more amazing anonymous people!!!!!!

A good friend of me brang me from New York the first issue of a cool great new tattoo magazine called FRESHLY INKED.
I forgot this publication as they contacted me a long time ago while they were starting their project..So here is the result: an interview and lots of tattoos published: 6 pages showing my work in this magazine that is available all around USA !!!
thank you to them! i will come soon to you all!!!!

3 commentaires:

  1. Politicians, rappers and porn stars? What a mix haha :) Congrats on another cool feature!

  2. P.S. Oh and nipple as eyes and belly as mouth is a cool idea - I'd like to see it done on someone else so I hope you have the right customer for it soon and post pictures :)

  3. Here is the nipple eye ;)