Hello 2 0 1 8

Thank you to all of you,
 who came from so far away,
 to share your projects with me! 
I am very grateful!!!
Life is a Gift!


Jan Biffy Clyro's fan

Jan is from germany and he came to Paris for this tattoo project. 
He is a massive fan of Biffy Clyro, and he asked for an appointment with me when he saw the tattoo I did on Simon Neil's chest, the singer of Biffy Clyro. 
For his first tattoo, he travelled to Scotland for getting tattooed by 
the official tattoo artist  of the band. 
And then, he decided to be the first fan in the world to be tattooed by 
two tattooists who tattooed his idol. 
Thank you for standing so great!



Graduate from the Institute of Visual Arts, Orleans, France, 
Lionel FAHY has been dispensing an eminently illustrative style for the past 20 years, 
making him one of the French ‘Avant-garde’ style leaders.

His clients travel from all over the world for his unique and pioneer style 
that doesn’t fit any of the classic tattooing standards. 

His signature is minimalist and stylized. 
He now divides his time between painting and tattooing after having travelled the world.
He is a co-founder of the Parisian tattoo shop ‘Les Derniers Trappeurs’ (LDT).

LDT, 75011 Paris, France.
booking/contact: lionel.fahy@gmail.com

11-18 MARS / MARCH: L D T, Paris, FRANCE.

15-22 AVRIL / APRIL: L D T, Paris, FRANCE.

15-29 MAI / MAY: L D T, Paris, FRANCE.

8-15 juin / JUNE: L D T, Paris, FRANCE.

16-17 JUIN / JUNE: convention, Strasbourg, FRANCE.

12-26 JUILLET / JULY: L D T, Paris, FRANCE.



Strasbourg 2018 Tattoo Flash Fest

Si intéressé / If interested:  lionel.fahy@gmail.com


End of 2017

All my thoughts to you all

(photo: Camille)