Bonne et heureuse année à tous!!!
 Une fois de plus, je vous remercie pour votre soutien dans mon travail.
L'hiver est une période d'introspection, 
et je passe de nombreuses heures dans notre atelier
 pour travailler sur de nouvelles peintures,
 que nous présenterons lors des prochaines expositions 

Les prochaines dates annoncées sont:

Angers, vernissage le 12 avril à la galerie-librairie Myriagone,
Brussels en Belgique, avec deux expositions simultanément. 
Mue, vernissage le 9 mai, et Walter, vernissage le 10 mai.
A venir, Francfort en septembre.

Ce travail me permet de sortir de l'univers que j'ai construit durant plus de vingt ans à travers l'illustration et le tatouage. 

Mais je suis de retour chez les derniers trappeurs!
Si vous souhaitez me rencontrer à Paris, ou obtenir un rendez-vous avec moi,
voici le lien où toutes mes dates sont annoncées.
Et pour me contacter, veuillez le faire par mail:
lionel.fahy (at) gmail.com

Happy new year to all of you!!!
One more time I would like to thank you all for your support in my work!
Winter is an inner period, and I spend many hours in our workshop, 
painting new canvases for our future exhibitions 

Next shows are:

Angers, vernissage on april 12, at Myriagone,
Brussels, Belgium, with two shows at the same time!
Mue, vernissage may 9th, and Walter, vernissage may 10th.
To come, Francfort on september.

But dont worry, I am back with tattoos, at les Derniers Trappeurs, in Paris!
If you want to meet me or if you want to book a date with me,
have a look to this link with all my availabilities at the shop.
Dont forget, sooner is better as I am very busy!
And to keep in touch with me, you can write me here:
lionel.fahy (at) gmail.com

See you!


Lost and Found. 2011. GENERATIO AEQUIVOCA the book and the unreleased pictures

When i was working on my first book: "GENERATIO AEQUIVOCA"; it was hard as hell to reduce the numbers of pages to maintain this publication with "only"167 pages!!! At the end, i decided to focus on more drawings rather than pictures of my trips as the main idea of this book was to show more the drawing side of my life than my hobby as a photographer... In any case, until the deadline, i prepared a file with more pictures in case of something; but no, when we ended up the pages for being printed, there was no space anymore. done.
And like a miracle i found this file, hidden in a hard drive... Here they are, not in a special order, but the stock is now online.
Those pictures were taken in France: around my house, in the mountains, in the south of France too, in New Zealand, in Canada and in England...
i hope you'll enjoy as i did while i was discovering those amazing places during my trips...