DIE ZEIT Magazine.

Ah! I received 2 cool emails from Tobias from Germany! so as im so bad in english i thought it would be easier to paste his emails...There is an article in DIE ZEIT a newspaper from Germany.....here we go!

"...Hey you´re featured with two pics in germany´s big online liberal newspaper -
think you already might know that, but i just want to congratulate! i was a
customer six years ago and am still very happy with my outofsteptats -
and you´ve become a real cultural icon in the last years, so maybe some day
i can sell my backskin to an art museum ;)
over the last years i followed your artworks and mostly i wanted to write some little line,, like "wooooow, you´re
becoming so goood, man!", but then i thought: oh no, he´s so charming and gets tons of mails day by day, so don´t
you bother him.

but NOW you´re in "DIE ZEIT", i cannot wait any longer!!

in the attachment there is an PDF of the article. it´s really a big newspaper (selling 500000 exemplars each week, and the
online-edition, where the article was published is big, too. as far as i can see, it didn´t appear in the print edition,
but todays hipsters are on the net, so fuck the print.

yesterday it was the most read article of the day. it says that there still
is a trend among urban hipsters to chose tats like scratchings from the kids, les enfants! but which is at the same
time some artsy stuff. yann david and lionel fahy are mentioned as super pioneers of this novelle vague in
tattooing. and your work (see the pic on page one) starts the illustrations/photos. unfortunately you´re not
mentioned as author of the tat (but d. engfer), but in the illustrations which can be clicked on, the credits are yours.

the photos of this kind of articles are at least for one week on the run, in the clicks. but besides of that, it´s all
archieved online for ever and ever!!
keep up your good work, and beaucoup cheers,

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  1. I co-sign with Tobias' sentiments! Congrats on yet another magazine feature :)