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Hey! Im back! after all those days in the North, it took a few days to be back physically too! ahahha! Well, in any case, it was a great time spent with Roberto from Art Corpus, Paris and Paco from Exoskull, Marseille. Thank you a lot guys, you rock! And a great "thank you" to Wenche and Tomi from Arctic and Sacha and Annette from Oslo...

I spend some days here in the big french west, tattooing, repairing the chaos at home again, and preparing my next trip in one week: Prag in Czech Republic. Cant wait to be there!!!! I ve got lots of tattoos planned, and as always there are lots of antiques bookstores, museums and restaurants on my wish list!!!!!

more to come soon!
and some pictures from my last trip...

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  1. Glorious sea views! Have fun in Prague! I visited for the first time this February and I just LOVED it there! Gorgeous city and lots of cute places indeed. Hope you'll share those antiques bookstores recommendations - I've visited enough of museums (Sex Machines museum is hilarious! lol) and restaraunts there, but not bookstores! Might want to remember those for the next time :)