As i wrote before, im back in the shop BLACK PEARL in La Roche sur Yon for a few days...Its sooooo cool to hang around with those crazy pals! I mean Yann des Bois, Jerome the boss and Franck our apprenctice!..
So, as you can see it is a very stressful atmosphere! ahahah!

...Here are some work done yesterday and today...
(The black arm is a piece i started i think a year ago...In between, Guy from Toulouse added some animals and we decided to link everything with heavy black work that i like so much for the heavy visual impact! then its been done in two sessions! Congratulations!)...

I also received some nice pictures of a tattoo healed! woow it so rare!!! so, if you re in that case, please send me some NICE pictures! thank you by advance!

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  1. I like the incorporation of the untouched part in the shape of a branch for the bird to sit on in that black arm sleeve! And it's always cool to see photos of teh healed tattoos too, sort of like before and after.