In the morning after loosing ourselves, walking hours and hours in some undescribable places, we found the convention and the rush could start!
A huge week end, busy as hell, with lots of fun as ever, and some amazing people i met as Lyle Tuttle and shared some good time with soooo many people! Thank you a lot to all of you! You definitely know who you are!!!
And to end this moment we went to a great restaurant on sunday night an could be out of the crowd for a small amount of time with Sacha and Annette of Primitive abstract,Shiryu and his wife, Sasha and David from Australia, and Seth Ciferri and his wife...
And then, we went to the after party (oh! again!)
here are some pieces of work i did at the convention that week end....And before im finishing to write those few lines, id like to thank Alex of Rite of passage...

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