..I left my house around 4:30 am while everybody was sleeping...Such a great feeling to fight the storm outside and that you re awaken to be on the way to a new place you ve never been lucky enough in your life to know!!!!
Well, whatever, after a cool trip i arrived to my destination: Copenhagen! Yeah! I'm there for the first Inkfest and at the arrival terminal in the airport, there's a great team waiting for the tattooists! Sooooooo cooool and such a super great idea! Then, a thousand thanx to Anna and also all the helping girls that spent the week end asking every 5 minutes if something was missing!

So, after being riped-off by the hotel (grrr.....), I went to back to the airport to catch up my friend Stephanie...
Then we were ready to open our eyes! We spent the end of the day, sightseeing, tasting beers, walking around and ended at the opening party of the convention (oh! one more!)

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  1. Oh I've never been there before, but definately wanna go, love those colorful pics!