On monday morning it was time to go to Colin Dale and Nana's new shop: Skin and Bone.
An amazing cosy place. I met my Friend Brent Mc Cown from New Zealand, Rory Keating was working on a great black tattoo...Jeremy and his friend from Monkey tattoo from Borneo were here too...Just another convention after the convention!!!
A big thank you to Colin and Nana for their non stop help, beers, soup, beers, support, beers, and love... I spent a few days there, it was sooooo cool! I promise to do my best to be back soon as i enjoyed so much time!
Stephanie did her first try as an unofficial tattoo artist, as Laerke also!!!
i ve met also some great tattoo viking artists.. a new world opened to my eyes! Simply amazing!
Before leaving, Brent offered me one of his original tattoo tool..Done with a teeth, sculpted with a shell...
I couldnt trust to receive such a present like that!!!!!

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