Un ange passe...

Elodie is an art teacher. I tattooed her 6 years ago in Rennes, France... 
We made a big cover up on her back and the result was very hard looking (for me), but for many reasons, she wanted that kind of result looking... For me, her tattoo was still one of those unfinished piece. I told her, but she was not ready to addd anything more during all those years. Yesterday, was the day, to counter balance with tight lines, to add some personal elements showing some important details of her growing life in her new half decade... I'm really happy to end this backpiece story with her. A big thank you to her for her belief and also to Vincent Brugere, the photographer who made all those great pictures with us! Have a nice day!


A day with Raphaelle and Vincent Brugere

Vincent made a photo shoot of a session done with Raphaelle. thank you to them!


COPENHAGEN: "I'm a forest"

music and lyrics by
Stephanie Cabdevila + Lionel Fahy = COPENHAGEN
A new song.
A new video.
A new album. Soon.

Roger the Brazilian boy

Roger came from Vitória, a city on the coast, upper in the north of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
His project was based on the "Tour de France": an annual bicycle race that ends in Paris every years. He travelled to me, here in this city for doing his tattoo in one seat. I've included some elements that I already drawn for some various silk screen projects. 
A big thank you to him, for taking so many flights for his project with me...