Nothing haunts us like the things we don't say...

Last day, I went to Nantes with my two sons Samuel and Lael. 
We had a meeting with Gerald in the Pan! headquarter. 
He is one of the guys (and girls of course) who spend their life and energy for making posters and other silkscreen printings projects. 
This poster (approx. 32x50cm) we've done together is only the first of a longer serie I hope... 
You can order it for 48 euros postpaid. (50 outside Europe).
It will be sent to you in a very hardbox package on early october. 
To reserve your copy (only 30 left now) you can email me here:
lionel.fahy at gmail.com

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  1. The 3d photo from the end made me laugh, such an awesome shot! Love the effort he's putting into it :))