Yesterday Brighton, today London.


Tattoo of the day

Done at Art Corpus, Paris, France, october 2011.

Tattoo of the day

On Deniz from Istanbul, Turkey. In Paris, France at Art Corpus.


Photomaton of the day

The good thing when an administration asks you an official photography, is that you can be really eco friendly!!! That's how I recycle my face for a few years now. But today, holy s....! I couldn't find any old photo at the good size to be glued on my new insurance card....
The result is here. Terrible. You always looks like half dead, as it is not allowed anymore here, to smile or to looks like a happy person on any official french photography. You have to look straight to the governement, and when the flash surprises you, it's too late. you're trapped. One eye half opened, half sitted on the turning mini chair, thinking to your shopping list, thinking that you could have changed the colour of the backscreen too, but you're traped. like that:

And when you think that you didnt commited the mistake to chose the photos in black and white, you feel a little but lucky for the rest of the day. Then, nobody will think about anything wrong if you're arrested by the police. Because with a name like mine (FAHY) and a face in black and white like that, they would probably search for a bomb as a terrorist...

Photomaton sucks.
Well, more you get older, more it sucks.
But i have pictures for a decade now!

Tattoo of the day

At Art Corpus. Paris, France.


Day drawing

At home in the countryside, under the rain in the night.

HENCHMAN cd sleeve

This one is done for the punk noise band HENCHMAN from Paris. If you want to get a copy, you can contact them here.

Tattoo of the day

On Steve. At Migooii tattoo studio, for Art Corpus, Paris, France.


Tattoo of the day

This one was done at Art Corpus. Paris. France.


tattoo of the day

Today was a very hard day for me. Yesterday night I damaged my foot while I was doing sport. I ve spent the morning at the hospital. I broke my left big toe. so the tattoo session was slow, hard and painful for both of us. But here is the result. I feel old.

At Black Pearl.
La Roche sur Yon.
Play list: Ancestors/Abraham/Ufomammut/Medeia/Gholas/Omega Massif.
(the black panels were here, they look strange as I made some touch-ups)...


Tattoo of the day

Done on Mike from London. Art Corpus. Paris. France. octobre 2011.

day drawing

Done here, in the lost countryside, under the rain and the wind.



TATTOOISME the book is out and available everywhere in France!!!
It includes the work of 32 tattoo artists, and i m really happy and proud to be featured in this book with some names as Phil Kyle / Roberto Dardini / Gotch / Easy Sacha / Keuns / Gakkin / Jesse Smith / Bugs / Tintin / Navette / Jey Sayalero / Dimitri HK / and many more.
The other reason that makes me very happy with this book is coming from the fact that Chris Coppola from Rise magazine made this project available. He s had so much pain in the ass from the start of this project until the print that i must incline myself in front of his determination...

You can buy the book here
and if you prefer in App store here too.

watch the teaser of the book here!


tattoo of the day

Francis my friend, finished his armpiece with me! This arm's done!..


tattoo of the day

Done today, in Paris, at ART CORPUS.



This skateboard will take part to a public auction this week end during the tattoo convention of Nantes.
Every benefits will be refund to Sea Shepherd.
I finished it today and is called, of course: "Life is a Gift" as it really is...


Gift of the day!

Lael, my youngest son, offered me today this drawing.
"daddy playing some loud heavy metal with his flying V to his son (himself) and even Iron man on his tee shirt hates that!"

Life is a gift