This skateboard will take part to a public auction this week end during the tattoo convention of Nantes.
Every benefits will be refund to Sea Shepherd.
I finished it today and is called, of course: "Life is a Gift" as it really is...

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  1. Saw this poem on one of the blog and HAD to share with you,although it's possible you've seen it before, anyway, here it is:

    Life is a Gift by Mother Theresa

    Life is an opportunity; benefit from it.
    Life is beauty; admire it.
    Life is bliss; taste it.
    Life is a dream; realize it.
    Life is a challenge; meet it.
    Life is a duty; complete it.
    Life is a game; play it.
    Life is a promise; fulfill it
    Life is sorrow; overcome it.
    Life is a song; sing it.
    Life is a struggle; accept it.
    Life is a tragedy; confront it.
    Life is an adventure; dare it.
    Life is luck; make it.
    Life is too precious; do not destroy it.
    Life is life; fight for it.