NORWAY Yeah! part 2

A new day in Oslo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow!!! a new hang over too! we spent the day with Sacha trying to help him to climb a terribly heavy hairdresser's chair to the fifth floor of his building for finding a place in his shop!
Then, the tattoo convention started and we finished the day in a spanish restaurant to celebrate the 35th birthday of Paco!!!!!!!!
more to come soon for sure!


NORWAY Yeah! part 1

Here we are!!!!! we left Paris a few days ago, Paco, Roberto and I came to Oslo for the tattoo convention that takes place this week end! And then on monday we are leaving to the Arctic circle for a week!!!
To sum up the story of 3 guys in town i would say that we are trying to share our time between bars, r'n' b dancing clubs, restaurants and parties and good friends!
Yesterday was a busy day for me as i was tattooing in the shop of Sacha at Primitive Abstract on Groenlandsleiret and to end the night we did the backing vocals during the gig of THE EXPLOITED...all our apologizes! aahahhahh!


Gift of the day!

This week end was the the third annual tattoo convention in La Roche sur Yon...It was soooooo great/funny/crazy/ouch/from hell as ever....i was working as a volunteer at the bar, serving millions beers on 2 days, and the cool thing is this is THE job to be sure to see all my friends, and having lots of fun too...I will put online more great pictures from our gig with GRANIT 665 on the saturday night, a tattoo session by hand we did with Bruno Kea and some naked pictures late at night, of course, we have some....
But on that week end, a cool french tattoo artist, NOTCHE, brang me a super gift as i tattooed him last year on a convention. He made 2 tee shirts, one for him and one for me! only 2 pieces. On one of them, i mean his tee shirt it is written, reversed in french: "Lionel Fahy tattooed me" and on my tee shirt, it is written inverted and i french too:" I tattooed Notche" and the picture is a picture form the tattoo session we did....ahahhah! sooo cool!!!! people are crazy! ...sometimes!


THAT MOUTH merchandising!

THAT MOUTH, the ex- LOS the Band from England, asked me for some drawings and hand lettering for their first tee shirt and poster....cool! i love them as i was lucky enough to tattoo 2 of them and Chris Hamilton, the guitarist produced the first album of our band GRANIT 665...so, one more time, the world is tiny tiny tiny!
here are some pictures of the project and the result! thank you hombres y chica!!!!!!


a family affair...

My mom found some pictures of us: my brother, my sister and i when we were living in the south east of France...
i was around 4 or 5 years old here...

i was around 6 or 7 here with my lovely little sister...

And around 10 here with Olivier and Beatrice...

As you will notice, it was in the mid seventies, and our parents were really into Nana Mouskouri, and Graeme Alwright...But the ultimatelytopnicelooking was to try to be as good looking as the haircut of Mireille Mathieu. Thanx lord that s what she did for years with my hair! ahahhaha! Now, im 40 years old, im safe, im hairless. No Hair, No Stress!..


Je veux une vie en forme de toi...

Here is the skateboard deck i finished this night...Right in time! it is done for an exhibition that will take place in the south of France in Marseille...More infos to come soon! It is sponsored by the french tattoo magazine RISE...


tattoo of the day

Emma from England came today for doing a backpiece in one shot! ouch! a very hard and long session!!!!!
so we talked, put all the stencils, went away to meet laurent of Atypic studio, Yann des bois my good friend and Franck our new apprenctice!
and before starting the torture we went to visit a very nice exhibition of Anne-Lise Broyer...



Ah! It s time to go home: taking a car, then a ferry, then two trains, then two airplanes and then a car bringing me back in the far west, lost in the countryside....excepted i exploded one of the wheel of my car of course, in the middle of nowhwere...And of course too, i was born in the neanderthal age, that it means i dont have any mobile phone..AAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!! french cars fuck off very deep!
See you soon! more tattoos to come, and we have to prepare the next gig of GRANIT 665 for the tattoo convention of la Roche sur Yon in a few days!!!!! yeah!


HAIL TO SCANDINAVIA!!! part 8 or "How to tattoo at home!?"

How to tattoo at home???!?!?!?!

Ah!ah!ah!ah!ah!ah! I know many tattoo artists that will be super angry after this article and those pictures! I will probably be arrested in many countries (including France) as it is illegal to make tattoos at home...
Maybe some of you will start a new business, will make some good money on my back, and will have their soul saved as they will save the planet because they will not use their car anymore for going to work! ah!ah!ah!
Whatever, here is my DIY guide, step by step to make tattoos on your friends at home! oooops!
That was sunday, shiny, relaxed and safe for sure!
(Hey! C'mon Jacob is in the industry for a long time and that was their first try in their house...so dont do that on your own!)