HAIL TO SCANDINAVIA!!! part 8 or "How to tattoo at home!?"

How to tattoo at home???!?!?!?!

Ah!ah!ah!ah!ah!ah! I know many tattoo artists that will be super angry after this article and those pictures! I will probably be arrested in many countries (including France) as it is illegal to make tattoos at home...
Maybe some of you will start a new business, will make some good money on my back, and will have their soul saved as they will save the planet because they will not use their car anymore for going to work! ah!ah!ah!
Whatever, here is my DIY guide, step by step to make tattoos on your friends at home! oooops!
That was sunday, shiny, relaxed and safe for sure!
(Hey! C'mon Jacob is in the industry for a long time and that was their first try in their house...so dont do that on your own!)

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  1. Straight out of Dexter TV series! Ha! Okay, I'm joking :) But I just couldn't ignore the fact that all the plastic reminded me of my favorite TV serial killer lol And again, I'm learning so much about tattoo laws in teh world by reading your blog... I seriously had NO idea it was illegal in some places. I think in Russia there's no law at all that would regulate somethign like that, although I wouldn't say it's such a good thing maybe. I actually got my first tattoo at a tattooist's home - she used to work at a shop and then just started doing it at home and I believe that not only let people get tattoos for slightly less but allowed her to make more money for herself too.