Gift of the day!

This week end was the the third annual tattoo convention in La Roche sur Yon...It was soooooo great/funny/crazy/ouch/from hell as ever....i was working as a volunteer at the bar, serving millions beers on 2 days, and the cool thing is this is THE job to be sure to see all my friends, and having lots of fun too...I will put online more great pictures from our gig with GRANIT 665 on the saturday night, a tattoo session by hand we did with Bruno Kea and some naked pictures late at night, of course, we have some....
But on that week end, a cool french tattoo artist, NOTCHE, brang me a super gift as i tattooed him last year on a convention. He made 2 tee shirts, one for him and one for me! only 2 pieces. On one of them, i mean his tee shirt it is written, reversed in french: "Lionel Fahy tattooed me" and on my tee shirt, it is written inverted and i french too:" I tattooed Notche" and the picture is a picture form the tattoo session we did....ahahhah! sooo cool!!!! people are crazy! ...sometimes!

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