Tattoo of the day

Here are a few pictures of tattoo done during the week end of the hellfest...
I started a big project on the son of Noon, Jules, 12 years old! ahahahh!

i decided to do a special day and only hand poking. it means tattooing in a traditional way without machine(s), by hand...here is the result on a few tattoos...

And last but not least some projects more into my state of mind...
and i also finished the arm i started a few weeks ago at Black Pearl....

And here is a picture of a skull i did on my good old friend Yann des Bois something like 8 or 9 years ago! i remember how fun it was as he wanted that i would draw a very scarry skull!!!! ahahahah! i cant do that!!!!!!! well, not soooooo bad....
And then yann was so drunk that asked me to continue the other tattoo we started 7 years ago on his other ribs!..
i hope it will be finished soon!

Ok that s all for today, we re playing with GRANIT 665 tonight!!!!!! keep in touch!!!! and thank you for following that blog!

life is a gift!

2 commentaires:

  1. Haha, starting at 12 seems like a good idea - he'll be fully tattooed by the time he finishes school haha But seriously, I hope this post will not be seen by people with no sense of humor or something :)

  2. i so much love your blog. keep on posting...cheers