Back from HELLFEST

Oh yeah! The hardest week end of the year is gone and i survived to this massive 5 days of partying hard and watching hundred heavy bands live plus doing a few tattoos with some of my friends...Some guys of Art Corpus were here, as Noon, Brune and Mael from Britain, Fabrizio from Brussels, Jon from Colmar, Mehdi from the south and some good friends from Nantes too like neo tatoo, and alx and Rocky zero...we all came for the same reasons: having some good time altogether. Done! ahahahahah! cant wait for hopefuly being there next year! wow!

I took a few pictures of those headbangers from hell with their jackets from hell too! It looks like the tattoo fans or some of them are really into TUNINGS as we could be too! i loooooooove that how seriously it s done! so cute! ahahahhah! Plus some extra to show the cool atmosphere there was! yeahhhhhh!

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