Sunday + rain = Musee des Beaux arts de Nantes.

Into the museum of fine arts of Nantes, you can see some very big names..it s always great to see some paintings of Pierre Soulages, the amazing Shigeru Izumi, Joaquin Torres-Garcia, but also some more classic names as Maurice Denis, Gustave Courbet, George de la Tour, Kandinsky, Picasso etc etc ...and my favourite section: the middle ages paintings!!!

This museum is really awesome, very lighted, you can sit everywhere and as it is a national museum it is free entrance every first sundays of every months....It will be closed on september for 2 years, so if you re on holidays in this part of France, go for it! it is a very precious place for that area!!!!!!! Orlan was also doing her own exhibition. Not my fave, but we visited it too....

In Reze, you also have the famous building "unite d' habitation" of Le Corbusier from 1953...
Nothing really to visit, but it s on my way, i had to take a picture one day, then it s done!..

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  1. Those rainy pics look fun, especially when you look at their small versions because then you can really make out buildings and all. And well, 2 years is a long "vacation" for a museum, humm