2017 WELCOME!!!

Dear (all of) You!
Here are the first days, weeks, of the year 2017…

One more time, it is the right moment to remember some events that happened last year…

It is very hard to know where to start, as so many things happened the last 12 months!


I was gone on the road, visiting some friends and meeting some of you in Berlin, Germany. 
Working with Peter Aurisch and Jessica Mach was a very great time as always...


Being at Tribo in Prag, Czech Republic was great also, 
visiting again and again this amazing city, 
 and having time with some very close friends as Martin Janecky, 
the TRIBO team and Michal and his family...

There was a personal exhibition of my work on paper, in Prag for 4 months.
 Thank you to all of you who came and bought some of my drawings!!!


JAPAN was a blast with Tal, my love.
 Having time in Kyoto, Tokyo, and in the mountains of Koyasan with the monks, 
were some unbelievable moments!!!


Israel was my first time and it was incredible! 
Nazareth, Tel Aviv, the dead sea, desert, etc.
 It was so impressive, so much love from all  Tal's family!!! 
I'm really looking forward to planning a new trip, 
and tattooing this time in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv,
 as some people invited me!


Spain was a big part of my schedule. 
This year was the year as I spent the biggest amount of time over there. 
San Carles de la Rapita, closed to the delta del Erbre, with the family was so good!


and of course, one of our favorite city: Valencia.

It was full of personal projects and we will be back on june this year..

All the dates are on my blog here:


Concerning my job as a tattooist, I am now working at  Sanhugi in Paris every months of the year.

 And I appear also as a guest in Aizenay, Vendée, France…
To contact me for any project, you have to do it directly with me.
 Send me a message to 
lionel.fahy at gmail.com

2017 is already starting with many projects for sure!!! 
I have a new home now.

A new house.

My 20th official address. 

It was lots of time and energy spent those last months with this new house...

I am starting to paint more than ever. 
There are private commissions,
 and I work to show my work on through exhibitions
 in Buenos Aires, 
Argentina, and Toulouse, France.

I have a blog dedicated to this main part of my life:

And last but not least, with my very good old friend Yann des Bois, 
we are re-organizing our  tattoo convention on mid-august in our area, 
on the french west coast, in Saint Gilles croix de Vie. 

The name of the convention is LA PLAYA TATTOO CLUB 
and I’m sure we are going to have a very great time with all our tattoo friends!

As you can see, I am more than busy, I love that. 

I’m thankful for where life brought me. Where I am is where I meant to be.

I wish to be close to my family, my beloved. I wish you the same. 
There is nothing more important than family and health...

Never forget, LIFE IS A GIFT. 
May your life be the same. 

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