Dear (all of) You!

Dear (all of) You!
Here are the first hours of the year 2015…

One more time, it is a good moment to remember some events that happened last year for me…

It is one more time, very hard to know where to start, as so many things were happening the last 12 months!

So, first of all, I would like to send to you, yes you, who are reading those few lines, 
my best wishes and all the best thoughts I may have.
 Thank you a million times to follow my work, to help me to evolve in my life on through a positive way. 
Thank you a million times also to all my customers who came from very far away to share a little bit of their lives. 
It was so amazing! This year you came from Belgium, Swiss, Italy, Luxemburg, France, England, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Sweden, Czech Republic, and Austria…

I have been very lucky as I’ve had the chance to travel a lot: 
On the four corners of France, in England, in Singapore, in Borneo, in Czech Republic, in Portugal and in Spain.

In all those various places I’ve met so many amazing and friendly people. I’ve shared so many nights here and there, sleeping in friends places, or with some family members. 
Please receive here all my gratitude again…

…I hope to be a bit on the road again on 2015 if life permits it…
I’ve planned some trips to bring me back to Portugal, Berlin in Germany , London in England, Prag in Czech Republic,
 in Sweden, in Spain and here and there in France also.
 I’ve got some other trips in mind, so for those of you who want to know, please check regularly this page on my blog:

Concerning my job as a tattooist, I am now working in Sanhugi in Paris every months of the year.
 And I appear also as a guest in La Roche sur Yon at Black Pearl
To contact me for any project, you have to do it directly to me. Send me a message to 
lionel.fahy at gmail.com

The last 6 months of 2014 have been a little bit rude and tough for some personal reasons. 
I’ve been a little bit more out of step… I’ve focused some more hours on my musical projects. 
That’s why I am very sad to say that COPENHAGEN, the side project I used to have with Stéphanie Cabdevila is over. 

She has her own plans as a movie maker and then, there are no more reasons to run our music together. 
You will hear a lot from her, be sure of this!!! I wish her also all the best for her projects!
I’ve been working already on new songs and at the moment I still don’t know under which name I will release them.. 
A bit confused right now.

GRANIT 665 have more or less the same troubles. Everytimes we have tried to rehearse, there were supernatural events…3 amplifiers burnt, one finger cut.… For that band I think it is time also to stop the story.
We will probably altogether try to start something new but all the other guys have their own bands also…
It is getting harder and harder to manage our own agendas!!!!

2015 is already starting with many projects for sure!!! There will be as an illustrator, an exhibition during 5 months in Tulle, a french south-west city; I will postpone more soon on the blog!

There are some book(s) project(s) that I should start next summer. A skateboard design for a swedish company. 
A theater project for next winter. Some tee shirts for bands that I will show you later here. And various videos…
And last but not least, with my very good old friend Yann des Bois, we are organizing our first tattoo convention at the end of august in our area, on the french west coast. 
The name of the convention is LA PLAYA TATTOO CLUB and I’m sure we are going to have some very great time with all our tattoo friends!

As you can see, I am more than busy, I love that. 
Whatever good or bad things happened to me on 2014, 
I’m thankful for where it brought me. Where I am is where I meant to be.

Never forget, LIFE IS A GIFT. May your life be the same. 

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