ANTI-FLAG, Chris #2

Chris From Anti-Flag wrote me for an appointment on 2010 as he was coming on tour in Europe a few months later. He was there, and I was away at the moment we could do his tattoo...
After a few weeks I discovered my son Samuel was a super fan of Anti-Flag. And Chris did an amazing gift to him: he sent him a huge package with tee shirts, vinyls and posters!!!
You can't imagine his face when the postman gave him this parcel!!!!
3 Years later, they were programmed in France again during the HELLFEST, one of the biggest metal punk festival in Europe. We did the tattoo before their gig, and to make another dream come true, they invited us on the side of the stage during their unbelievable performance!..
I must say that I've met thousand and thousand people in the music scene but rarely people like him and the other guys of Anti-Flag!!!

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