Martin Janecky

DAY 10 in Prag, Czech Republic.

I would say I am one of the most lucky person on earth. I meet some people coming from so many various countries with so many various backgrounds, that they feed my mind day after day. To make a list of all those influencial persons I met with the tattoo process, it would take me years and years...
But in the top 10 there is Martin Janecky. We met in Paris the first time, and he did the trip from Alaska for his project. He is one of the most amazing glass sculptor in the world.
To be honest he looks like a dancer while he is working. Let's have a look to this video:

We know more each others and in Prag we have done a small session on his chest before 

drinking beers together. This should be the start of a huge project on the half of his body...

And the day after, he brang me this amazing sculpture that he made for me!!!!
                                           A millions thank you to him and his art!!!!
One of the most beautiful gift I ever received in my life!!!

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