Stop stealing my work!!!!

Some days are the most boring days ever. Today I've received this email from the States:

Hi Lionel,

I have been following your work for several years now, It's absolutely mind blowing to me.  I want a tattoo done by you but I know that will never happen.  I would like to get your permission to pick out one of your works and have another artist here in the states "TRY" to replicate it.  It certainly won't be the same, too me it will be like getting a copy of a Picasso or Van Gogh but I want one so bad it hurts.

One chosen from dozens of similar emails received every years...
 And the same shitty day I can read on facebook:

Matt I want some work done....but it's not like your usual, I don't even know if you'd be willing to do it. But since I can't afford to go oversees for a tattoo I thought you might look at some of his work and tell me what you think. His name is Lionel Fahy, with out of step tattoos, check it out and get back to me. Thanks. Love YA
and here is the answer of the shop:
Very cool stuff, def. unique...i'd love to give it a try, when would u like to do something?

So, what the hell should i do!?!
Ending the story of this blog? Just because some people are not creative enough to think by theirselves, rather than using their mind individually?

Please stop stealing my work, stop stealing my customers, stop stealing their tattoos, stop stealing their stories, and think by yourself bloody hell!!!

And please, stop asking me to make a drawing for free that you will make it tattooed in your local tattoo station!!!!!
I work only with serious people, one tattoo for one story for one person. If you want a tattoo done by me, make an appointment with me and do the trip.
You're getting on my nerves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And last but not least, for the pleasure of your eyes, here is a tattoo copied by a tattoo "artist" (fuckin' shit!) in Hungary...

the original

the copy

3 commentaires:

  1. This is terrible Lionel. The sickner is she thought she was doing right by you and that it was ok to do. I feel your anguish my friend.

  2. the girl (in the email) got the core, I guess.. if somebody feels that is okay for them to have a copy of Picasso instead of the real one..for me..it either means he/she has a different values or he/she doesn't want or appreciate the work so much (at least not to the point he/she seems to be telling) ..I totally get your anger..but people just have various perceptions of life, work and values

  3. Hi, this is from Hungary. Although now I should be defending my fellow Hungarians, I honestly agree with you. For me, all of my tattoos have a message and a story behind, they are there for a reason and with a meaning, even if this meaning only I might know. They are not just nice drawings. And for this, I cant understand why somebody would like to have a copy of anything, even of the best tattoo, on their body. That is still just a copy... A copy of a story that they will never know. It took me years to find the tattoo artist who can draw and then tattoo what I have on my mind, who understands me, and has the style, the talent and the mind that I feel comfortable to give my skin to. It took me years of research and then took (and still takes) me months to fit into his calendar and get an appointment, but if there is one thing where I want quality, it must be my own body! Everything else is just fake. Keep up the work, keep up sharing your photos, that's the most you can do.