At Radjah Skin Design in Bali.

Jimmy Toge, is a worldwide renowned tattoo artist and he runs a very cool shop in Kuta, Radjah Skin Design Design, at 386 Legian  Kelod street. 
In this small town there are 140 tattoo shops. Crazy!!! 

And in Radjah Skin Design there are 4 working tattoo artists. 
Now, you know, that this address is definitely one of the top 3 on the Island...
This day I've been doing a tattoo to Jimmy, it's been a great moment as he could tell me some crazy local stories  at the same time. And I'm grateful as I've been lucky enough to try some delicious and uncommon Padan meals as a spicy soup made with coconuts, intestines, brain and testicles of ox.

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