Hellfest 1

Here I'm back from the Hellfest...It was such a great and amazing week end, full of parties, tattoos, jokes and laughs with many of my friends who came from all around Europe for this huge metal meeting. I came with my oldest son, Samuel, now I know it is not the best place for a child. Whatever, we made a few tattoos together, and saw a few gigs too... I will post some tattoos I/we did over there.
And here is the list of the bands I really wanted to see and that I've not seen, of course. 
Shame on me!
Gbh, Unsane, Amenra, Ufomamut, Napalm death, Refused, Saint Vitus, Yob, Dad, Brutal Truth, Sun O)))

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  1. Bon, pas vu monsieur Fahy, mais vu Sun O))). La bouteille est à moitié pleine.