Tattoo on all your body!

Last day I was answering to an interview for a swiss journalist.

 And the question was: "who tattooed you?"

Oocht! I never really thought about that before, and while I was looking around me, (on my own body I mean), I started to smile as I never really counted that so many people did a mark on me!
If you're into tattoos also, share your own list! ahhahahah!

Ok, here we go, the people who tattooed me are:

Peter Bobek, Prag, Czech Republic.
Jef Palumbo, Berlin, Germany.
Christian de Belleville, France.
Charlie, Saumur, France.
Christian, Inkvaders, Geneve, Swiss.
Rafto, Utopia, France.
Daan, Barcelona, Spain.
Sara Rosenbaum, Berlin, Germany.
Dave Munro, Troublebound,  St John, Canada.
Chriss Dettmer, Hamburg, Germany.
Adam Sage, Into You, Brighton, England.
cedric, les martyrs du quai, Strasbourg, France.
Yann des Bois, Aizenay, France.
Stephanie Cabdevila, Paris, france.
Tata Agnes, Aizenay, France.
Piet du Congo, Jemelles, Belgium.
Yann black, Montreal, Canada.
Rayner, Miri, Borneo.
Samuel, Nais, Aina, Lael, Karine, france.
William, Tours (rip), France.
Noon, on the road.
Nico, 25 to life tattoos, Rotterdam, Holland.
Ludo Kidink, Art Corpus, Paris, France.
David, Art Corpus, Paris, France.
Wenke, Harstad, arctic, Norway.
NiccuHori, Singapore, Singapore.
Topsi, Viva Dolor, Lyon, France.
Timothy Hoyer, NY adorned, New York, USA.
Leanka, Lucky Electric, Strasbourg, France.
Ashley Love, New York, USA.
my mom.
Durga, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Beatrice Myself.
Jeremy, Borneo.
Nicoz Balboa, Paris/Roma.
Tristan, Moonkey Ancrés, Nantes, France.
Fab severage, France.
Bastien Jean, on the road.
And I. too.

I think that's it...

8 commentaires:

  1. ehehehe!!!! so i shire mine:
    (i start from leg's up)
    fabio, italy
    javi rodriguez, spain
    guicho, france
    ilaria, italy
    max, italy
    viola von hell, italy
    navette, france
    mallo, italy
    karotte bonobo, france
    anna, italy
    giuseppe ormando, italy
    ennio, italy
    lionel fahy (france?^^)
    pogo, autriche
    sacha février, france
    mike davis, usa
    just, france
    rudy fritsch, italy
    tin tin, france
    rino valente, italy
    theo mindel, usa
    slobo, france

    i think that's it :-)

    1. waouw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It's not cool sharing mine after seeing yours. And after seeing the one by the above commenter too lol

    And wow, your mom even. And your whole family. Cool.

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    2. Okay, here you go, my short and boring list for the laughs of it, haha:

      - my first 3 tattoos done by Anna, at her place (mostly 'cause I was of illegal age at the time) in Moscow, Russia
      - next 2 tattoos done by Andrey Biserov at Tattoo 3000 in Moscow, Russia
      - last tattoo done by Dmitriy at Love Life Tattoo in Moscow, Russia

      That's it, the end! Fin!

  3. Lionel Fahy, Aizenay
    Kostek,Brussel, Belgium
    Jef, Berlin, Germany
    Herbert Hoffman, Hamburg
    Peter Bobek, Praha, Czech Rep
    Petra, Puchov, Slovakia
    Bara, Spain
    Don Miguel, Cesky Krumlov, Czech Rep
    Tarlito, Praha/Bourgas, Czech Rep/Bulgaria
    and myself ...

  4. you kill all of us: Herbert Hoffman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was considering myself as a lucky man because a long time ago he dedicated me his book! ahahahah!!!!

  5. HAHAHAHA!!! Soy una pequenita jugadora pero es uno de los mejores tatouador del mundo, i los mios son collector !!!!!

    Lionel Fahy, Out of step, France.

    i yo por los borradores.