In Berlin now / part 7 / tattoo of the day with Heiko.

One more time, for those of you who are following this blog a little bit, for sure you've heard about Heiko and his band Don Vito and the guitar pedal effects he's building under the name of Okko Fx.
So, If you met him already, you know he is a little bit crazy. Yes I assume what I'm writing.
Then, he came to me in Berlin and asked me a tattoo representing a BLACK MAHU.
The BLACK MAHU is a very dangerous sickness that make your body rotten super fast, then you bleed and at the end you're dead of course, common!
But to tell you the truth the BLACK MAHU exists only in his brain. Nothing in the medical encyclopedies, nothing on the internet, nothing at all...

Then, I've tried to draw something (sic) but it was too clean. Not BLACK MAHU enough. That's why I proposed him to draw with my left hand as I'm right handed and here's the result on his leg! enjoy!

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  1. Haha, "not BLACK MAHU enough" might as well become a cool new term! Love the idea of drawing with your left hand to make a drawing "more BLACK MAHU" :)