Tattoo of the day on Urs and his ghost

Urs is from Basel in Swiss and we know each other for many years. The first time I met him, he came from Bilbao, Euskadi, Spain, by train to my old house, far in the west countryside. I tattooed his ribs and he stayed at home with my family and I. I remember my kids couldn't bellieve a guy would have a name like that. ("Urs" means "bear" in french)...
A few years later, I did another tattoo in Zurich, Swiss. A person handling an octopuss and a hole. One of my favourite tattoo. Ever. 
And this time, 2 or 3 years after, we met in Paris. He had plenty of ideas for a new tattoo project. And after talking a lot, we decided to use the character of a famous child book named "ghost Knigi". It's been translated in french also and this is the story of a little child who receives as a gift a book. Then he can learns how to read but every pages are blank... 

The illustrator is  Benjamin Sommerhalder.

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