Lost and Found: 7079 tattoo machines


Once upon a time, on 2008, i was travelling to New Zealand and i stayed in the south island in Chrsitchurch. This was a very great time as i was working with Naith Morrow at Absolution. 
He is a fantastic guy and his wife Heidi is so friendly! 
During this stay, I met Marv Lerning who came with his wife Kathy for having a tattoo done by me. 

Then we startedt to talk and as a gift, he offered me an uncredible tattoo machine he had made for me. 
Just amazingly well done and detailed. UNIQUE.
And naturally, as he is, he proposed me to come to the north island of New Zealand, in Auckland, to visit him. A collaboration was born, and i already was thinking how to draw a special frame for a prototype we could do during my stay. 
The idea to have my own equipement, designed by me, and done by one of the most talented guy on this planet was just crazy.

 With Naith, we decided to go and visit him altogether, and 7079 tattoo machines was born!
life is so simple sometimes...

We ve made 3 different machines: one liner as a bird called "Flying Nais" / one shader as a man dancing called "Samuel" and one liner on 18K gold (sick!!!) called "Zoe".
The series were ultra limited, sold only to the finest tattoo artists.

A few months later, I started another serie, a kind of amazing hybrid carbon machine with Dennis the invisible man from Germany. This guy is also well known for being a strong technician, really into details and the builder of super solids machines. Our machine was able to do any kind of strong colouring/ shader/ and liner and thisone was called "Aina".

"Golden machine with osterich skin"

"Carbon machine with Dennis"

"liner Flying Nais"

 "shader Samuel"

But on february 2010, we discovered one of our machine copied on Ebay China. It's been like a blast, i was hurt, all the work spent to be copied by some assholes, and done as shit was too much for me...

I stopped the project the same day. We were doing this for tattoo artists, not for any kind of business, just for some closed friends, that's it.

There is a myspace page, since that time, I've lost the passwords.
This was the story.

But Marv is still doing some amazing work, see it here and if you want to know something about Dennis, try here too! Thank you to them for this cool adventure in my life!

They are tattooing with our machines: Mister Benji ( Starlose tattooz, jamaica and Paris, France ), Roberto at Art Corpus ( Paris, France ), Mr Icol ( Paris, France), Lionel Out of step ( france ), Marv Lerning ( Auckland, New Zealand ), Yann des Bois at Black Pearl ( la Roche sur yon, France ), Misskipik at Atypic ( la Roche sur yon, France ), Léa Nahon at la boucherie moderne ( Brussels, Belgium and Paris, France ), Chäntal at Lost Highway ( Tournai, Belgium ) and Tatau Obscur ( Berlin, Germany ), Christian Banks at Blue Lotus ( England ), Yann Your meat is mine at Glamort, ( Montreal, Canada ), Woody at Into You ( Brighton, England ), Beatrice Myself ( France ), Peter Bobek at Tribo ( Praha, Czech Republic ), Ti Raf tattoo ( France ), Piet du Congo ( la boucherie moderne, Belgium ), Andy Nevil at evolution tattooing ( luxemburg ), Suzanne at Inktank ( zurich, Swisss ), Colin Dale at Kunsten på Kroppen ( Copenhagen, Denmark ), Pat (Black Soul tattoo, Paris, France), Valerie Dierckens ( France ), Bullitt ( In my Brain, Lyon, France )...

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  1. These are so cool, especially love the golden one, as I'm so big on gold. Too bad you had to stop with it and that you were copied. But then again, people don't copy unworthy stuff!..