Dear you,

2011 has been an AMAZING year...Really. It is the last day, so it's time to sum up some of the things that happened:

First of all, i would really like to thank you all of you, individually that are following this blog. 
It is unbelievable to see that you are nearly a thousand different people from all around the world everydays to visit those pages. 
Then i would like to send all my thoughts to you, my customers, that make my life a wonderful adventure, full of gifts, full of new directions to explore, full of people with so much love to give.
I know who you are, you know it too.

2011 has been a very great year to travel in so many places: France, England, Denmark, Norway, Belgium,  Sweden, Singapour, Borneo, Indonesia, Arctic in the far North, Malaysia, the border of Brunei and Czech Republic. A big thank you to all the people that helped me during those trips to share their life with me.

2011 has been a year with some very cool books that show my work:
"tattooisme", one of the best sale in France about tattoo books.
"Art Corpus family", the book with 700 pages. A must.

2011 has been a very intense year concerning the music process for me also:
A new production of GRANIT 665 has been done with Stephanie Cabdevila as a singer.
And with her too, we've started COPENHAGEN our new 2 pieces act.
The first release is out on Eek recordings, and we are working on a full album for next year.

2011 has been the year of new graphic projects. Many things are planned, i Hope to be able to give you infos soon concerning the releases of new limited prints, book(s) as an illustrator, new music, and last but not least, new tattoos on 2012!!!


Tattoo of the day on a german customer.

At Art Corpus, Paris, France.


Tattoo of the day

Black Pearl, La Roche sur Yon, France.


Tattoo of the day: Aurelie from Rouen.

On her leg.


Gift of the day

As we are at the end of the year, i want to spend a little bit of time as i'd like to talk about a few things i've really liked recently.
First of all, I've received as a gift this fabulous book written in french: "la Femme-ciseaux".
It is written and illustrated by Michel Villar, and published by le pied de biche editions.
                                                                     Aide-moi à naître
De mon vivant je n’ai vécuQue des instants qui ne sont plus.Une enveloppe faite d’étherRemonte le temps
Mais jamais ne se construit.
Un silence pour quatre soupirs,Une ronde d’idées noiresToutes de blanches vêtues,Dans une pause éternelle

                                                                  Sont ainsi suspendues.

They also run a small shop and website. If you're in Paris, go there, they have lots of indie comics, some very cool exhibitions too. I dont know them personnaly but I really recommend this place.Le pied de biche, 86 Rue de Charonne  75011 Paris.

Another one that really impressed me is: " M, la conscience feline malheureuse"

Aurelie Lachevre, the illustrator offered it to me, and i must say it is a masterpiece. Even if you re not reading anything in french, the illustrations on every pages are awesome! you can find it here. And her website is here.

And at the last tattoo convention in Nantes I could talk to Nicoz Balboa. She is an amazing italiano-french artist. I know her work for a very long time but it is never easy to say that you like the work to someone I mean. I offered her two of my books and i went back with many little things from her production. And this week she sent me an email to say that she drew me in her daily blog... here it is, ahahahah!!!!

She is soooo talented and has made buttons/books/stickers/badges/posters/prints/and also runs an art gallery in La Rochelle and do some workshop with children! oucht! visit her website here!!!!!!!!

Ariane Rivalin, is a self taught illustrator, living in Nantes. She is doing some hand made small books, very cool and unique! her blog is here!!!!
I'm lucky enough to have some of her work! thank you to her!

That's it for tonight, i've got so many other things to share, more to come, soon!

Tattoo Snob webzine

Blah blah blah about my work in USA, here.

Tattoo of the day: Delphine, from Swiss.

She came from Swiss without all her children in the big Paris for a tattoo on her neck, 
representing her dedication to her family. 
But her heart is so big, that this space was not enough. 
Then we decided to invade her shoulders as she's handling her children seriously in life. 
Thank you to her. 

Life is a gift.

Trust no one.

Day  drawing

pen / watercolor / cutting.


Tattoo of the day: on Brahm from Germany.

‘It’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them to.’
                                                                      Jean-Luc Godard.