Tattoo of the day

On Elodie, my good friend, at Black Pearl.

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  1. Hi Lionel, I just had this idea, thought I'd ask... It would be interesting to see a post with some stats from you, like what is the longest you ever worked on one tattoo in one sessions and what's the shortest, what was the biggest piece you've done and what was the smallest, what's the biggest number of times you came back to work on one tattoo, what's the biggest period of time it took you and the customer to complete one from start to finish, what was the most difficult and challenging one and what was the easiest, what's the number of colors you used for the most colorful tattoo you've ever done, do you actually even know how many tattoos you've done in your life thus far... Was there ever a design someone asked you to do and you refused for whatever reasons, or maybe some design that you thought someone would never agree to do but someone did? I'm kind of curious lol It would be interesting to know! :)