Heiko from DON VITO

Heiko is a man.
Heiko lives in Leipzig, in the east of Germany.
Heiko is building some amazing pedal effects for guitars under the name OKKO FX.
Of course i have one (the Diablo) from him that i use for ages and that is really really really awesome. Check his page!
Heiko plays in a very intense noise act called DON VITO.
The last time I saw them live was 5 years ago in Paris.
Heiko wanted a new tattoo from me, then he decided to find gigs with his band, crossed Germany, Belgium and a part of France then, we did the tattoo this afternoon here, in la Roche sur Yon and he's playing tonight with his wolf bleeding along his arm.
Tomorrow they are playing in Nevers, then in Paris, then I dont remember exactly.
We said, next time we will meet in Berlin, as i'm planning to go over there next year.
that was the TATTOO OF THE DAY.
see ya.

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