Lost and found : Claire Artemyz

A few years ago, i think 6 or 7 or 8 years now, Claire Artemyz contacted me to work on a specific project. She is a photographer and journalist exploring the realms of the skin in its very closed details. After some talks together, she traveled and came to me for taking videos and photos during a few tattoo sessions. Then the results are some amazing pictures of ink, blood, skin that turns to abstract landscapes. Those pictures featured in many exhibitions all around the world... You can discover her uncredible work here.
When i was in Copenhagen, Denmark, i could saw her new explorations on through a new exhibiton.
Here are some of the shots she did during my working process.
It was lost on a cd under hundred other cds...more to come!

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  1. Woah, this is mind-boggling!!! I had no idea it looks like THAT when up close, wow. Amazing idea for a series and amazing presentation!