OK, as the demand is important, i stop my vacation time to give some news on that blog...
I am in Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo for a few weeks now. The time is so great with all the friends i have here!!!
I cant find the time to select any pictures to put on that blog!.. I m just back from Singapore too. I was working with the amazing team of GALAXY TATTOO, and spent a week with my friend Alvin and his parents.
In 2 days i m flying to Miri, a town in front of the Chinese sea upper in the north of the island. Tattooing here is very inspirational, full of amazing people, of great time, of fantastic experiences! I will be back in a little bit more than a week to France...
Spending a few days at home, tattooing too, before leaving again for another top secret project. More to come, here, i promise you!
Greetings from overseas and thank you a lot for all your messages and support!

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  1. Yay, an update! I missed this blog! Your visiting all the cool places and I bet having friends there makes it all the better. I know I always enjoy any place/city/country more when I know local people there! Have fun :)

    Is that actually some traditional skirt you're wearing in the last pic? Fancy fancy! ha