Lost and found

I forgot to publish the interview i did for NEW NOISE MAGAZINE, concerning the release of the first album of Granit 665. Done!

And also another publication from a local newspaper about the tattoo convention of la Roche sur Yon...It s really funny to notice how the people in the countryside are reading that everydays. Then they know which cow disappeared last night, if in the next village they are still organising a big Onion & garlic fest on july, who died in the neighborhood and what that guy with tattoos everywhere is doing as a job! ahahha! now they know and many people around 60-70 years old came to me for having a chat....really nice! even if the article has nothing really to explain, of course! done too!

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  1. I guess you can now expect more 60-70 yr old clients!! (I know it's not a rare thing for older British people to get their FIRST tattoos around this age, not sure if it's the case in France too, but not in Russia for sure)