Tattoo session in Prag by PETER BOBEK !!!

Yesterday night, when the shop was closed, mister Peter Bobek made my third tattoo session to try to finish the tattoo we started on my ribs something like more than 2 or 3 years ago...We do not really remember...He tattooed me 2 hours and a half, ohhhhh so awful!!!!!!! there is one more to do, we will probably try that before the TATTOO ART FEST in Paris on september...And,ah! yes it hurst like hell! bouhouhouh! im broken today...

2 commentaires:

  1. A lot of work done! Love this bright blue color and it's an interesting piece in general - lots of going on there yet it looks like one. As for the hurt... Don't you feel it tickles on the ribs too? :) I'm always curious to know what getting a tattoo feels like on different body parts and my rib tattoo felt really ticklish... For the back of the neck it burns to me, like fire, very hot burning sensation and I wouldn't even call it pain. And as for the pain, the most painful was my foot tattoo - its the tiniest I have and it took maybe 15 minutes to finish it yet it REALLY hurt. I've always wondered if different people had different pain sensations with getting tattoos... A very fascinating subject, if you ask me, haha

  2. ah ah ah ribs = pain !!! Vengeance divine !!!