Once upon a time, around the mid 70's early 80's, when i was a child, i mean verrrrrrry younger than now; we were allowed to watch TV on sundays...In this time there were 3 channels in France and we were lucky enough to watch Leon Zitrone in Black and White...But JACQUES MARTIN was our hero as he was animating a great tv show called "Incroyable mais vrai" that we could translate by "strange but true"...And after watching, with our eyes wide opened, some people with 11 fingers, or the most heavily tattooed man in the world, or the woman with the longest nails, we were talking about that all the next week at school...of course!

So, when you re a young boy around 10 years old, you re just thinking how to feature in the WORLD GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS and kick the ass of all your friends at shcool...
...mmmmhh, not so easy in fact! i was thinking to make a painting with the longest title ever written for a painting. I also tried to eat gingerbread with some very strong mustard, but it failed after I ate the half of one...
Then, i left this idea, one more pre-adolescent frustration in my young life that i had to forget...

BUT today, wow, you wont believe it, i received by the post a big certificate from the GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jacques Martin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please come back!!!! resurrect!!!!! i'm in the new book!!!!!!!!!
come baaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In fact, last year in England, at the Tatoo Jam convention, i heard a rumor about that, but as you can read it, i am a very super highly talented expert in english, i understood, something like "mbsanbjcjhdgcjdhjdwbfjwbjbjhbjhbworld record tattoo artists skjsfkwdjfdsjcvdsjqvfqdjbc" and suddenly a nice woman came, and offered me a tee shirt, saying that all the tattoo artists working at the convention over won a new champion something blahblahbah, madam i was watching at your eyes, and i was just moving my head that meant "yes" without understanding anything again. i felt alone, but Peter Bobek was not so far and i was sure he wouldnt understant anything too. So, it meant i was not soooo alone.

So, as a brave warrior, i wanted to share this treasure, this CERTIFICATE OF GUINNESS WORLD RECORD!!!!!!!!
Yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom look at your son!ahahahahhaahahahhahahhhhahahahhahaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Ahhhhh wow, that is so awesome!!!!! CONGRATS :) You know, it's even more awesome that you shared this personal story of yours, because it's just another proof that dreams do come true. Even if sometimes it takes some time! How cool is that!