Sia, my favourite danish gil of all time, decided to come with me to Sweden to have her hands tattooed as it is not allowed to tattoo feet, hands and neck in Denmark...
Then we took the train and the ferry and we arrived in Helsingborg at Evil Twins.
Jacob, Johan, Max, Fk Irons from Miami and Alvin the apprenctice from Singapour were so great with me! thank you a lot! you rock!
So, as always with Sia, we spent time to visit the city, hung around and started the tattoo very late... We did her hands and her knees...
As i wrote somewhere, tattooing her turns to a travelling game. We did some tattoos on her in Berlin, in art corpus Paris, in my house on the french atlantic ocean coast,in Oslo Norway, in Copenhagen Denmark, in Sweden, another time in Paris for the tattoo convention....
We're planning to tattoo some french cheese at home together soon and already have an apppointment in Greenland next year too! ahahah!

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  1. Wow, now this is amuzing!! I never knew there was such a thing as a special ban on tattooing certain body parts anywhere! Good to know I guess! But wow. And woah, Greenland, you're serious? Sounds pretty cool and it looks like you and Sia have a whole lot of fun doing the tattoo trips!