Tattoo of the day: Clockwork Orange

From the movie.


Exposition collective / Collective Exhibition

Une exposition collective est organisée à Toulouse pour soutenir une amie que j' aime infiniment: la CO.
Pour résumer un peu la situation; on dira qu'elle aime tellement la vie et ses bons côtés, qu'elle se retrouve à payer de nombreuses amendes très élevées dans les semaines qui arrivent. Si vous êtes près de Toulouse, n' hésitez pas à vous déplacer!!!! De nombreux artistes artistes ont répondu présents, et bien évidemment, j'en fais partie!!! CO FOREVER!!!!!!!


Tattoo of the day at Art Corpus with Pierre De Reimpré.

Pierre, was getting tattooed by me three years ago.
 We've made a new session a few days ago for doing that heart on the forearm. 
He is also a photographer, working in the parisian night life. His blog is a good testimony of his work. 
And last but not least, his father (Thibaut de Reimpré) is a painter. I discovered his work in the early nineties while I was a student and he's been a huge influence on my work. 
He has a new exhibition not far from Paris now.
He showed me what "freedom" means in art. 

I've never met him...

(images © by Pierre de Reimpre)


Tattoo of the day at Black Pearl.



Mira came from Germany and made this tattoo at Art Corpus. It is based on an illustration of Sophie Blackall.


Clement aus Toulouse

Second session for Clement on his ribs. Done. 


Nicoz Balboaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Nicoz Balboa, the super-mega-talented-artist from Roma, Italy; based now in La Rochelle, France; came to the shop for getting tattooed by me on her ribs...

Here it is!
 And PLEASE dont miss her amazing work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Metal Militia!!!!

Jocelyn plays drums with our band GRANIT 665. He is also a metal buidler in Nantes. Here is his blog!!!

Jocelyn est batteur dans notre groupe GRANIT 665. Il fabrique egalement des objets en metal sur Nantes. Pour voir ses oeuvres, son blog est ici!!!


Chris Hamilton in London

We first started in Paris, then on the table of a kitchen in a french manor far in the french countryside. Then we made again a session in Paris, then in London, then in Brighton and another one in London. We can consider this leg is finished. Even if I 've got some ideas to work more on it...


Tattoo session with Zelda l'Azare

Done on Zelda l'Azare
If you still don't know how the hugeness of her talent as a photographer, 
click here.


Kasimir Malevitch

Carsten from Berlin came to Art Corpus in Paris for this forearm project. It is based on a painting from Malevitch done in 1915 called "selfportrait in two dimensions".

Tattoo of the day at Art Corpus.


Tattoo of the day at Black Pearl.


Tattoo of the day on a german customer.

At Art Corpus, Paris, France.


Tattoo of the day at Art Corpus.



Matiu, is a good friend, living in Paris. We made a small poster book a few months ago together...
For those of you who do not remember, here is a small link to see this creation. 
it is HERE.

Well, that day, with Matiu, at Art Corpus, I made a cover up on his hairy leg and added some elements from outerspace he saw when he was a teenager and was  drinking lots of LSD...
If you want to follow him as he is a journalist now, full of stories to tell to the rest of the universe ( I mean if you live in a universe known by him) you can try to catch him HERE.

A day at Black Pearl

Yes it hurts. Ahahah! Yann des Bois in action,  2 days ago at the shop Black Pearl.


Clement aus Ostereich

Done at Art Corpus, Paris, France. A few days ago.


Fortune Teller hand

 I feel empty tonight.

(done on Sebastien de Nantes)