interview TATOUAGE MAGAZINE, France.

Interview dans le numero de mars-avril 2011...
An interview in the new issue of the french tattoo magazine: "Tatouage magazine" of march-april 2011...

Interview in TATTOO BURST Magazine, Japan

in the serie "lost and found" here is an interview i did for Tattoo burst magazine, the japanese tattoo bible...I ve never put online that article...All my apologizes for the japanese readers!..

tattoo life magazine: "Generatio Aequivoca" the review

My book "Generatio Aequivoca" has been reviewed in the last issue of Tattoo Life...
Mon livre "Generatio Aequivoca" a été chroniqué dans le dernier numéro de Tattoo Life...


granit 665 recording new songs!

We were recording the guitar parts for our next single...More to come soon!www.myspace.com/granit665


home sweet home

My house, the fields, my place...


lost and found

Murielle from Holland found in her computer that picture she took while she was on holidays in Greece...It s nice to see the tattoos im doing are travelling more than me!!!!!

Home sweet home

Some rainy days are done to make you dream of somewhere else...And then, you realize the magic around you...Just lucky!


tattoo of the day

Arnold came for his second session today...6 hours later here's the result...thank you to him!

yann des bois power!

After knowing each other for something like 9 years, Mister Yann des Bois agreed to tattoo me...Then he revenged on me all the hours i made him suffering those last years! that was one more stupid moment to share! Yann ich liebe dich you as much as a good beer!


winter is leaving...soon

Some signs are here. Around me. They just show what we wont see. Winter is leaving...soon...

Ghosts are everywhere...

A few pictures taken yesterday between my house and the Atlantic Ocean...I love this quiet atmosphere.
Ghosts are everywhere...