During those few days in ART CORPUS, the amazing parisian shop, i ve met some great people that i've tattooed...Frederik from Norway, the lady from Rio in Brazil,and a bunch of funny people from France, Swiss, Italy and Belgium...enjoy!


inteview on video!

TATT'S ART Lionel Fahy / Image Olivier Taïeb
envoyé par oliviertaiebrealisateur. - Films courts et animations.

interview in PRICK MAGAZINE usa

An old interview from october 2008 lost and found in the web archives....For PRICK MAGAZINE a publication from USA that has also a web feature! enjoy!

home sweet home

Born School Work Die ... this is Man's Ruin ...

granit 665 new line up!

We have a new line up with GRANIT 665. Jocelyn is our new drummer. He also plays in the very good WATERTANK. This is the official new photography of the band. from left to right: me, Yann, Jocelyn, Cedric
You can get a copy of our album on vinyl or cd here!


armpiece infuenced by north african pottery

this tattoo is done on the arm of my friend Joelle. The designs were originally found on through some north arabian pottery designs and in some old documentations about the north african tattoo healing rites. And it's been reinterpreted by myself....Today was a long session to outline everything. Something nearly 5 hours more...

work in progress!

One arm. After one session...


Home sweet home along the ocean

A walk along the ocean...We name this area Vendee...


The 405 - Interview: Lionel Fahy

An "old" interview done with THE 405 MAGAZINE, a great online magazine from Brighton in England! Enjoy!

The 405 - Interview: Lionel Fahy

new work! (not in New York but in lawocheonyon!)

Some new stuffs done those last 2 days!



An "old" interview published in this very good english tattoo magazine on 2008...Now they put the interview online. such a good idea! Im soooo lazy to scan all of them for my website! thank you dear webmaster! here it is!


home sweet home

People ask me sometimes why am i drawing all the time some fairies, castles, and magic images!? I was thinking about that a lot, and last sunday i ve decided to show you what's around me....How an environment could influence you own perception...
This is Vendee, but mainly the french countryside on winter: cold, grey, empty...i love that!