Tattoo of the day at Art Corpus with Gaetan.

The subject was the relation between twin brothers. This tattoo is one of my favourite I've ever made. Many thanks to him.


Day drawing: "Poetry of Patience".


Tattoo of the day: Stan de Royan.


Menu for an english restaurant

I've done this drawing for the front menu of a new restaurant in England. they give it to their customers printed on a white LP sleeve. It is based on hard rock and heavy metal titles...I used slash and Axl Rose of Guns'n'Roses to illustrate it...
here is the result:


Video of the day: Josh Ritter - Love Is Making Its Way Back Home

This video was created with over 12,000 pieces of construction paper, shown as it was shot, with no effects added in post.
Director : Erez Horovitz
Concept : Sam Cohen + Erez Horovitz
Illustrator : Sarah Graves
Text Illustrator : Savannah Wolf
Lead Production : Marlie Pesek + Eric Giordano
Photo Editor : Felipe Sanchez
Technical Director : Ali Mohammed
Grip : James Wells
Production Assistants : Paige Ellis, Jacqueline Geisheimer, Angelina Zhou, Jesse Ashcraft-Johnson, Jovin Cronin, Faizan Ahmed, Ricardo Gonzalez

Lost and found: video footage in Brighton.

Done by night in Brighton to make a print for Death Rattle with Chris Hamilton...


Tatouage Magazine

In the last issue, there is an interview of Chris Hamilton. He is known for being a good friend of mine, and also a talented musician playing in Death Rattle and an amazing music producer. We have worked on the album of Granit 665 and the first release of Copenhagen 

Day drawing


Sometimes words are not enough

On Franck, my friend. 
Part 1.

Tattoo of the day.

A bear handling a cabin on his back sending rays to the moon on Delphine.


Music from the bedroom

One more new song with the band we' ve started with my son Lael, 7 years old.


Day drawing

Hellfest 3

Done on Sacha, tattoo artist in Germany.


Night Plate

Done under the rain.

Hellfest 2

On Nicolas. Done with my son Samuel.


Hellfest 1

Here I'm back from the Hellfest...It was such a great and amazing week end, full of parties, tattoos, jokes and laughs with many of my friends who came from all around Europe for this huge metal meeting. I came with my oldest son, Samuel, now I know it is not the best place for a child. Whatever, we made a few tattoos together, and saw a few gigs too... I will post some tattoos I/we did over there.
And here is the list of the bands I really wanted to see and that I've not seen, of course. 
Shame on me!
Gbh, Unsane, Amenra, Ufomamut, Napalm death, Refused, Saint Vitus, Yob, Dad, Brutal Truth, Sun O)))


Tattoo of the day at Art Corpus with Arianne.


Tattoo of the day at Art Corpus with Claire. part 2




In Paris those last days...


Tattoo of the day at Art Corpus with Sarah.

Tattoo of the day at Art Corpus with Eric-Olivier.


Flowers to Doriane

On Doriane. At Art Corpus. Paris. France.
Have a nice week end...


Dotwork of the day

On Tim. 
His two brothers were in the french punk scene while we were really younger. 
They were the first  ones to give me a little bit of their skin to try to "tattoo"...


Tattoo of the day at Art Corpus with Davie. part 5

Davie lives in Geneve, Swiss. To be honest he is one of the toughest customer I've ever had. 
We made a second session on his arms (that you can see in the two other older posts), more black as ever, plus some colours and grey shadings on his backpiece. 
Maybe we will add some background next winter... 
Thanx to him.

Tattoo of the day at Art Corpus with Davie. part 4

Tattoo of the day at Art Corpus with Davie. part 3


Tattoo of the day at Art Corpus with France de Griessen.

France de Griessen is a journalist for the french Tatouage Magazine. 
She is also a performer and a singer.


Interview of the day from Czech Republic.

In the serie "Lost and Found" here is the interview done in the Czech Magazine Full Moon.
I completely forgot to publish it...Done.


Olga de Espaňa

Gracias a ella.
Art Corpus, Paris, France.