Tattoo of the day at Art Corpus.

His father was an airline pilot.


Tattoo of the day with Gregory at Art Corpus.

Inspired by an illustration of Thierry Manjard.


7079 tattoo machine. Back to story!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm super proud to announce you the coming back of the 7079 tattoo machines. We had done some different machines with the machine builder Marv Lerning and stopped the story after being copied by a chinese company. Whatever, 3 years later, we're going to make a few more for some closed tattoo artists friends...
Here is one, designed and engraved by myself and hand built in New Zealand by Marv...
More to come in a few weeks...


Photo of the day

Live for the moment, not the memory...




Day drawing


Day drawing

At home, with a huge summer weather outside!

Gift of the day: the most expensive cup of wine on earth

Last saturday, I was working at the bar during the tattoo convention of La Roche sur Yon, organized by Black Pearl, the shop I work with... And late at night, a guy came to me, asking for a cup of wine. 
He told me he had no money but he was so thirsty that he gave me one of the machines he's building as a trade... So, if you recognize yourself, PLEASE write me back, just to be sure it is still a trade/a gift/ or a hard hang over consequence! ahahaha!


Tattoo on all your body!

Last day I was answering to an interview for a swiss journalist.

 And the question was: "who tattooed you?"

Oocht! I never really thought about that before, and while I was looking around me, (on my own body I mean), I started to smile as I never really counted that so many people did a mark on me!
If you're into tattoos also, share your own list! ahhahahah!

Ok, here we go, the people who tattooed me are:

Peter Bobek, Prag, Czech Republic.
Jef Palumbo, Berlin, Germany.
Christian de Belleville, France.
Charlie, Saumur, France.
Christian, Inkvaders, Geneve, Swiss.
Rafto, Utopia, France.
Daan, Barcelona, Spain.
Sara Rosenbaum, Berlin, Germany.
Dave Munro, Troublebound,  St John, Canada.
Chriss Dettmer, Hamburg, Germany.
Adam Sage, Into You, Brighton, England.
cedric, les martyrs du quai, Strasbourg, France.
Yann des Bois, Aizenay, France.
Stephanie Cabdevila, Paris, france.
Tata Agnes, Aizenay, France.
Piet du Congo, Jemelles, Belgium.
Yann black, Montreal, Canada.
Rayner, Miri, Borneo.
Samuel, Nais, Aina, Lael, Karine, france.
William, Tours (rip), France.
Noon, on the road.
Nico, 25 to life tattoos, Rotterdam, Holland.
Ludo Kidink, Art Corpus, Paris, France.
David, Art Corpus, Paris, France.
Wenke, Harstad, arctic, Norway.
NiccuHori, Singapore, Singapore.
Topsi, Viva Dolor, Lyon, France.
Timothy Hoyer, NY adorned, New York, USA.
Leanka, Lucky Electric, Strasbourg, France.
Ashley Love, New York, USA.
my mom.
Durga, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Beatrice Myself.
Jeremy, Borneo.
Nicoz Balboa, Paris/Roma.
Tristan, Moonkey Ancrés, Nantes, France.
Fab severage, France.
Bastien Jean, on the road.
And I. too.

I think that's it...


Tattoo of the day in france with Earl from Texas.

Earl took a few flights and trains to find me, hidden in the big west of France... I spend time at home for a few days before leaving again... Earl came from Austin, Texas and asked me an abstract arm-sleeve. Done in one day. Not the easiest to do. Thank you to him!!!

Tattoo of the day in france with Gerald.

Gerald is a neighbour. He came from Nantes and he is just a fantastic non human silk screen printer/artist.
wdf!!!! his work done by him and his collective Pan! is here.
For his first tattoo, he wanted to make the small character from the famous underground book of Daniel Clowes.


Day drawing

Tattoo of the day in france with Emilie.

Emilie, is one of those people, bright like a star, doing so much for her art!!!
She is a professional dancer, and her creations are spread all over the world. We've started this conceptual tattoo, it will be finished soon. You can see a little bit of her creations here and here.


Ce week end a La Roche sur Yon!

Tattoo of the day in france with Daniela.

Daniela came from Wien in Austria for finishing her backpiece that we started 3 or 4 years ago in Bad Ischl, Austria. There is maybe another session to do. And we also did a cover up on her arm. 


Tattoo of the day in france with Ben


Tattoo of the day in france with Chloe

Chloe comes from the border of Luxemburg. A long way. She is on the road at the moment.


Work in Progress

work in progress on Juju...


Home Sweet Home

Train station in Segré.

Good Bye Berlin!

Here it is, I'm gone from Berlin. I was not there for 3 years now and it's been so great to be in town again!
Of course, I would like to thank all my customers who came sometimes from very far away; and also the great people I've been working with:
Linda, an amazing new talented tattoo artist. You can visit her brand new blog here. I really hope to be able to introduce her in France soon.

Kostek was here too, spending time for a few days.

And of course, the headmaster in his place: jef.

All the super best to Marie and my old friend NICOsbrau,

 and Seb & Franck, 

and last but not least, to Sara Rosenbaum....

Hope to be back soon.
Life is a gift.



Day drawing

In Berlin now / part 12 / another collaboration with Dana Engfer

Dor travelled from Israel for being tattooed by me in Berlin. As he is a very closed friend to Dana Engfer, this berliner artist that you saw on some posts on this blog, he's asked her to do this work in common with me too. You can visit her website here! It was a very great day! thank you to Dana, Dor and Carsten for that cool time!