A print done in Brighton for DEATH RATTLE

Hey! Last night with Chris Hamilton, we went to a nice isolated house in the suburb of Brighton. It is the headquarter of Parliament of feathers, a hand pulled screen printing company. We spent the night over here and made a A3 print for his new band DEATH RATTLE...There are only 40 something copies. If you want one of this ultra limited edition, it costs 50 euros postpaid. send me an email for more infos here!


Tattoo of the day at Art Corpus.


Blah blah blah in England

Blah blah blah about my work on this very super cool english blog called lot 316. Enjoy!

Tattoo of the day with Aurelie at Art Corpus.

First tattoo. One session. Done.


Forest of the deep north

Joe came in Brighton to get tattooed by me. We did this forest scene at TATTOO WORKSHOP this week.

Tattoo of the day with Mellow, in Brighton, England.

Done in Brighton, England, at Tattoo workshop this week.



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Tattoo of the day with Colette from London, in Brighton, England.

Today Colette came from London at TATTOO WORKSHOP in Brighton. I tattooed her 2 years ago in this town also, then we've fixed some colours and added some birds to her own story. She is a technology music specialist student and you can follow her on her Tumblr.
Thank you to her for her bravery!!! oucht!




Day drawing

In Brighton, England.

Tattoo of the day with Daniela from Austria, in Brighton, England.


Tattoo of the night with Peter in Brighton, England.

First session with Peter. Lots of pain, lots of hours too. 

Playlist of the night: Death Rattle / Des Ark / Ancestors / Year of no Light...


Tattoo of the night with John in Brighton, England.

Yeah! The first tattoo I've finished late last night here in Brighton. I'm staying for a few days at TATTOO WORKSHOP... I really enjoyed this project with lots of colours and shadings too. Hopefully I'll post some fresher pictures soon. Thank you to John for standing so long without arguing! oucht!


Tattoo of the day on Melanie from London

Second session done on my friend Melanie, in London at NO LIMIT tattoo shop. 
One more session is planned to finish her arm.

Tattoo of the day


Tattoo of the day on Florian

2 children, 1 big heart, some family roots =1 tattoo.


Sascha from Bavaria in London

yesterday Sascha from Munchen, Bavaria, Germany, came to me in London to do an armpiece.
He is a jazz pianist and you can hear (and try to learn german at the same time) on through his musical project HERE!
It was a cool moment as I work at THE supercool address in town. The shop is called NO LIMIT, Marie and Ghis are brother & sister and it is in Bacon street, on the corner of Brick Lane in East London.

It means lots of fun and Guinness!


Tattoo of the day on Marion from Montmartre

We did a cover up on her back telling a heavy story at the same time. Thank you to her, it was a cool project and a nice moment. We were talking about adding some clouds to change the horizon line. Coming soon...


OK Coral

Sabine from Paris with some coral as her first tattoo.