Tattoo of the day

Black Pearl, La Roche sur Yon, France, nov. 2011.


Tattoo of the day

Done in Marseille, France, Cover up.

Soyons Heureux (part2)

Jonathan is awesome! He lives in Oakworth, West Yorkshire,UK. For the rest of the world, it means he lives in a small village in the north of England!

By the way he "copied" the "soyons heureux" tattoo I did by painting it along his bathroom wall last night ...

I think it is soo cool to use it for a personal project of decoration for a private use!
that's what he wrote me in his last email:

"alright lionel, i told you not to get too carried away with my painting but as requested here is my atempt at copying your tattoo design on my bathroom wall to cheer me up each morning haha. enjoy....i hope.


Saturdaysunday tattoo

"But all roads lead to where we go
And where we go is where we've been,
So home is just a word we know,
That space in time most apropos
For where we want to be again.

For even home, it seems to me,
Is still a choice we all must face
From day to day and endlessly,
To choose if home is going to be
Another road - or just a place."

("Winter's Roads" by Ron Carnell)

Art Corpus, Paris, France, november 2011.


Limited dates in England on february 2012

Yes, here we are, i ve decided to travel again.
France is nice, Paris is wonderful for some reasons but I need to change of air and move again...

That's why I've decided to go to Brighton for a few days and I will work with Stewart Francis and Jed at TATTOO WORKSHOP.
The address is 42a Providence place. and the phone number of the shop: 01273/692695.

I'll be there from february 20th to 25th. It means that i can't book too many appointments for those days.
Think about your project, be sure to be really serious before contacting me and try to be as clear as possible when you get in touch with me by emails for those dates.
stay tuned!

Day drawing

Gift to Sir Vladimir Fahy.

Bird in autumn

Done at Art Corpus, Paris, France, nov. 2011.


Soyons Heureux

The meaning is:

"Be Happy".

Try that.

For a lifetime.

If you dare.

(It is a cover up)


Tattoo of the day

Cover up done at Art Corpus, Paris, France, november 2011.


Heiko from DON VITO

Heiko is a man.
Heiko lives in Leipzig, in the east of Germany.
Heiko is building some amazing pedal effects for guitars under the name OKKO FX.
Of course i have one (the Diablo) from him that i use for ages and that is really really really awesome. Check his page!
Heiko plays in a very intense noise act called DON VITO.
The last time I saw them live was 5 years ago in Paris.
Heiko wanted a new tattoo from me, then he decided to find gigs with his band, crossed Germany, Belgium and a part of France then, we did the tattoo this afternoon here, in la Roche sur Yon and he's playing tonight with his wolf bleeding along his arm.
Tomorrow they are playing in Nevers, then in Paris, then I dont remember exactly.
We said, next time we will meet in Berlin, as i'm planning to go over there next year.
that was the TATTOO OF THE DAY.
see ya.



Yeah! The project between GRANIT 665 and STEPHANIE CABDEVILA is officialy out today!!!
The result is a wonderful 7" EP on white vinyl in a very limited edition of 332 copies hand numbered.

If you want a copy you can write directly to the label here:wort.rec@gmail.com

I am more than happy as it is always a huge moment to feature on a vinyl !!!

I would like to thank a lot all the people involved in this project that took 2 years to be made: Alexei from Russia who made this possible, Stephanie for accepting to be a part member of GRANIT 665 on those two songs, Zelda l'Azare for the photography and Lionel Arlen for doing all the somptuous artwork...

Dont' forget, it is a very vey very limited edition and the half is already gone!

Life is a Gift!!!


Tattoo of the day

Done On Ilaria from Napoli, Italy at Art Corpus, Paris, France. november 2011.


Tattoo of the day (work in progress)

Vincent Brugere, my friend/photographer/nudist who runs a cool photo website:instant plastique came yesterday to take pictures of a tattoo session i did on Fab. He's the singer of one of the most amazing french band: REVOK and the drummer of Do You compute.
We ll finish his arm in 2 weeks!


Tattoo of the day

On Bartek from Poland. At Art Corpus, Paris, France, november 2011.


Tattoo of the day

Art Corpus, Paris, France. november 2011.


Tattoo of the day

Done on a Swiss customer at Art Corpus, Paris, France.


Tattoo of the day

On Elodie, my good friend, at Black Pearl.

Happiness makes a life longer

On a german customer. the meaning is in the title.


Tattoo of the day

Done on an english customer.

Tattoo(s) of the day

Those one have been done at the tattoo convention in Nantes.