Steph, my good friend from NOTHING MORE and NECKHOLE, came to finish his arm piece today....Lots of fun again and again, life is so cool!!!!!!! heavy metal and red wine are gods!!!!!!


Home sweet home along the ocean

My place, i mean near the place i live now...
Spring is arriving, the light starts to crush the clouds...
So happy to have all those landscapes closed to me...



Chris From OFO AM came two days for a very cool and long session on his ribs! ouch!!!!!!!!!!! lots of fun/red wine/and french 80's heavy metal....thank you a lot for the great time! yeahah!


new ink for Swiss!

Davie from Geneve, Swiss came for a two days session...A long and suffering time altogether...that was a great moment we spent; thank you a lot to him!!!!!!


REVOK - Grief Is My New Moniker: Grief Is My New Moniker - download free - 9 tracks...

REVOK is one of the most french talented band!!!!! I know their music for a very long time now and i was lucky enough to tattoo Jerome from the band a few years (and years) ago...Now they put online and for free their new album, dont miss it and leave them comments please! support creativity at its higher ground! alea jaccta est!...

REVOK - Grief Is My New Moniker: Grief Is My New Moniker - download free - 9 tracks...: "please, check also http://revoknoise.bandcamp.com/ Grief Is My New Moniker REVOK 2011 You can buy it at MusicFearSatan shop/Records : Musi..."



It was just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you to all the people i met/tattooed/talked/laughed/drank....Just one of the best convention i did those last years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are some pictures of friends/tattoos/blahblahblah....More to come soon!