Isabelle is a customer I know for many years now. I first started to do her arm with some drawing from their children a looooong time ago. Then she asked me to work on her leg with million colours. Something unusual to me, but to be honest, it works. Then she came back to make tattoos on some small empty parts on her body as she is a heavily tattooed woman. And last but not least, she asked me to work on the following subject as she split up with her boyfriend: what makes a couple being destroyed? why a relationship is always fucked up for some reasons?..
mmmh, easy as a man I can easily answer! Then, I've drawn some elements for cleaning and cooking at home.
And I put all those sketches on the arm with the drawings of her children, as they will always stay their unique family. Man or without man!
Enjoy! and dont tell me that everyday life habits is not boring as hell!!!!

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