Photomaton of the day

The good thing when an administration asks you an official photography, is that you can be really eco friendly!!! That's how I recycle my face for a few years now. But today, holy s....! I couldn't find any old photo at the good size to be glued on my new insurance card....
The result is here. Terrible. You always looks like half dead, as it is not allowed anymore here, to smile or to looks like a happy person on any official french photography. You have to look straight to the governement, and when the flash surprises you, it's too late. you're trapped. One eye half opened, half sitted on the turning mini chair, thinking to your shopping list, thinking that you could have changed the colour of the backscreen too, but you're traped. like that:

And when you think that you didnt commited the mistake to chose the photos in black and white, you feel a little but lucky for the rest of the day. Then, nobody will think about anything wrong if you're arrested by the police. Because with a name like mine (FAHY) and a face in black and white like that, they would probably search for a bomb as a terrorist...

Photomaton sucks.
Well, more you get older, more it sucks.
But i have pictures for a decade now!

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  1. Haha, Lionel, this sounds like Russia lol Here, we could never smile in official photos and they used to ALWAYS be in black and white only. Then they permitted photos in color, but still no smiles, no anything!..